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      We’re the product contributor of Ram4 Lumpini shop, Thai – boxing equipments with Thai-boxing, retro style and western style boxing shorts, Fighter robes, Sweat suit, Training suit, Undershirt, Short-sleeves vest, Accessories, Screened T-shirt and T-shirt.  

      All items, order by both wholesale and retail will deliver within 3-10 days or more, depending on the quantity of products. Ram4 Lumpini shop. We're sell Twins brand also.

     Deliver by domestic and international postal service. We guarantee quality in sewing, cloth and neat work that is not differ from famous brands, but with a cheaper price. 


Some items on the website no have in stock.
It takes about 2-3 weeks. (Pre-order)

Contact me Tel. +66(0) 94-426-4156



We're sent product worldwide delivery!!

  For more information, please visit :


              Our products : we tailor……All product click    

-  In case of ordering with all size, please order a lot of quantity for availability

-  If you come buy product my shop I discount cheap priced.

- Made to order Equipments Thai boxing cheap priced P.U. and Leather with your logo

- I can make your design Muay Thai short,T-shirt, logos,label and more.

  please contact me.


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Detail Size Muay Thai short for adult. (Inches.)

Size : SSS  Waist 22-24  Lenght 11   Weight 20-30 Kg.
Size : SS  Waist 24-26  Lenght 12   Weight 30-42 Kg.
Size : S  Waist 26-28  Lenght 13   Weight 42-49 Kg.
Size : M  Waist 28-30  Lenght 14   Weight 49-57 Kg.
Size : L  Waist 30-32  Lenght 15   Weight 57-65 Kg.
Size : XL  Waist 32-34  Lenght 16   Weight 65-72 Kg.
Size : XXL  Waist 34-36  Lenght 17   Weight 72-80 Kg.
Size : XXXL  Waist 36-38  Lenght 18   more Weight 80 Kg. 
Size : XXXXL  Waist 38-40  Lenght 19   more Weight 90 Kg. 
Size : XXXXXL  Waist 40-42  Lenght 20   more Weight 100 Kg.  
Size : XXXXXXL  Waist 42-44  Lenght 21   more Weight 110 Kg.

Made to order  

Tel. 094-426-4156

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Please E-mail to me :,

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